Creative Professional
4+ years experience
Interested in Employment
Creative, dedicated Graphic Designer seeking a full-time, permanent position with advancement opportunity within a company which will utilize and further enhance my knowledge in graphic design. I have been using computers for almost 6 years and I have gained an excellent knowledge in all areas of design, computers and the internet. I am very passionate about the industry.

I see one of my major strengths being my adaptability. I am able to jump easily from being a designer, to a coder, to software and hardware technician, to decision maker. This adaptability can also be seen in my design work where I am able handle any task I'm given, be it publications,
multimedia, branding.

Create and Modify Graphics for Books, Brochure, and Training Material, brochure, template, and packaging.
Design LOGO and All Types of Poster, Danglers & Shelf Strip etc.
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