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"Showbusiness is my life. I'm a young Actor and Technician. I have done some cinematography work, but I've been in theater all my life. I plan on attending a college where I can major in theatre, and perusing my life in the business."

Recently, Branden was the Student Producer of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap", where Branden held the role of Srgnt. Trotter, designed the set for the show and designed the lighting for the show. Branden was also the Stage Manager for "Fall Follies", a concert held in the fall. He Stage Managed the show, trained a board operator, and designed lights for the performance. Several weeks previous to this Branden directed a short film based on a script written for the theatre play "Louie". The short film was used as a flashback projected onto the set during the show. He also worked with Arrow Television to produce a full length multicamera recording of the performance of the show.

Branden has performed in many theatrical productions, including, "The Phantom Tollbooth", "Curtains", "Willy Wonka", "The Mousetrap", "Alice in Wonderland", "Leaving Iowa", The Great Cross Country Race", "Chains", and many more.

Branden also works at a local theatre as a Technician, where he has operated Follow Spot, assisted on Fly Rail, and as a Deck Technician.
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Malabar Farm


2010 - Video Production I Student of the Year

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