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GameYan is Group of Yantram Studio Which is leading Game Development and Movie Production Company India and USA. GameYan Studio - a brand with having Branch in New York name Yantram Animation Studio Corp. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified company and also the Autodesk authorized developer.

GameYan is loyal to delivering high quality 3D Game Modeling, Film Production, VFX, Motion Capture and animation services for TV, feature film, advertisements and games. Our main focus is on the game character modeling and rigging, 3D game assets for Pre-Production and Post-Production for Movie and short films, cinematic video content, TV advertisement & commercials animation content and game development.

We are started GameYan Animation Studio in 2004. And we are Completed 11 years of experience with 45+ resources and so far delivered 4000+ Projects in 33 Countries.

Services We offer at GameYan Studio:

3D Character Modeling

Pre Production Animation Studio

Movie Character Animation

3D Game Development Studio

3D Game Assets

3D VFX (Visual Effects)

Game Character Modeling

3D Motion Capture

Rigging and Animation Service

Film Production

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3D Animation & Game Art Outsourcing Development Studio

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